Fishing Duels - Multiplayer Puzzle game

Fishing Duels - Multiplayer Puzzle game
A multiplayer match-3 game for two players on the sea floor is called Fishing Duels! You need a keen eye and a sound technique when participating in fishing duels to prove you're the best angler! Along with other fishing-related goods, chubby orange fish are floating on the board. You'll achieve a fantastic fishy victory if you gather those fish and reach your goal before your opponent!

A maximum of 81 cells are allowed on each Fishing Duels board. There could be a fish or another object in each cell. The winner is the player who first gathers the necessary amount of fish. By switching and lining up three or more fish either horizontally or vertically, fish can be captured. Many fishing accessories, including floating markers, hooks, rods, wormbaits, and basket traps, can be gathered and utilized to unlock in-game power ups.