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animals memory game

this game will help you Improve your memory and concentration skills with these amazing and fun games.

Children and memory

Children should revisit this memory on a regular basis until they can readily solve at least the most elementary levels. The child will typically advance significantly by learning memory techniques. Children should be encouraged to return here more than once and not just play this memory game once in order for them to remember the tricks. Weekends and school breaks can be appropriate times!

Knowledge point calculation

Each game level that is finished awards two knowledge points to the Memory. You can earn up to 12 knowledge points when you successfully complete all 6 levels. A level can be completed twice to earn a bronze medal, and five rounds earn you a silver medal. 10 rounds will be finished, and the winner will get a gold medal. The most gold medals that may be collected in Memory is six. Only levels that haven't been completed before gain knowledge points. The background is green when a level has been cleared. You can practice at a level even after you've finished it, but doing so will not award you with any more knowledge points. Memory is one of the most important skills in life. It's essential to learning, to working, and to driving. .

Tap or click any card on the board to reveal its card. Remember it and match it with its pair on the board. Complete level. In total there is 10 levels for you to get better.

more This memory game will help you test your memory. Decide on the difficulty level first. The memo game has more cards the higher the number. There are always two identical images on the game board. Flip a card to begin the game. Next, look for a card with the same image as the first one. The flipped cards will be flipped back with their faces down if you are unable to find a pair. The longer you play, the easier it will be to find pairs, so try to memorize these pictures. When you locate a pair, it is removed from the board, and when you locate every pair in this memory, the level is finished.