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Boomer Zombie


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Game Boomer Zombie Online Game online Boomer Zombie is a game that you can play with friends as well. The goal of the game is to make it through every level by eliminating zombies in order for the world to be saved from them. With its unique zombie-killing features, Boomer Zombie may just become your next favorite interactive way of spending time with friends and family! In the online game Boomer Zombie, assist a valiant commando soldier in fending off hordes of zombies. Since he is armed with a potent grenade launcher and an impressive amount of ammo, the hero does not give a damn that he is alone. You should, however, avoid paying fees. Due to the delayed detonation, grenades should be thrown as close as possible to the ghouls. To ensure that the bad guys are blasted to shreds, the zombies must be placed in close proximity to the explosion's epicenter. In the online game Boomer Zombie, use the ricochet to attack any enemies hiding behind cover. The remaining bombs are indicated on the cannon.

play using the touch button screen on a mobile tray to destroy all the zombies. on Pc use the mouse and the keyboard. just follow in-game instructions and enjoy destroying the zombies